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Courtney Cox's Cleavage: Get Ready for 'Cougar Town's' 4th Season

After getting picked up by TBS, Cougar Town, previously on ABC, is turning much more risqué for its fourth season. The show, which co-stars Courtenay Cox and Josh Hopkins, is set to premiere Jan. 8, but this time, with much skimpier wardrobes.

Cox and explained that this season will be “the year of cleavage,” and that “you will not see one scene that I don’t show my boobs,” she said at the Television Critics Association winter tour.

Cox also revealed that in one episode, Cox’s character Jules and her husband will have a ‘Naked Day’ “as a way to keep their marriage fresh,” she said.

Though the 48-year-old actress still has a 30-year-old body, cutting back on the wardrobe may not be enough to keep the show alive on TBS.

Show creator Bill Lawrence admitted that the show has been described as “sexy for five minutes, then it was just two middle-aged people with their clothes off.”

Cox also joked about her age: “I want to start taking the focus away from my face, so I’m having them move it down. I figure as I continue to get older, eventually I will be fully nude. I hope it works.”


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