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WSU Cougar Fans Discover Maddening Message Inside Socks

Fans of the Washington State University Cougars football team received a big surprise when they purchased team-themed socks.

Strideline produces “WSU Ugly 1.2 College Cougar Socks” that feature the team name and maroon color, according to The Seattle Times. When fans purchased the socks, they did not know that something else was printed on the inside cuff: "Go Dawgs."

The Cougars' rival is the University of Washington Huskies, a team also known as the “Dawgs.”

The rivalry between the teams is so strong that a trophy, the Apple Cup, has been awarded to the winner of a game the teams play annually since 1962, Fazemo explains.

Strideline told The Seattle Times that the "Go Dawgs" message in the socks was a quality-control error, and that the template used to create the University of Washington Huskies socks was not switched out when the Washington State University Cougars socks were printed.

“It’s pretty unfortunate,” Strideline Co-Founder Jake Director said, while admitting he sees how this can be construed as funny.

He and Riley Goodman, the other founder of the company, are graduates of the University of Washington, but Director said that did not have anything to do with the error.

“We’ve got a bunch of Cougs on our team,” he said. “It’s not just a company of a bunch of Husky fans!”

Strideline is offering those who purchased the socks a free pair and/or gift cards.

The socks were created to be sold specifically at stores in the Bartell Drugs chain. Its stores have sold about 245 pairs of the socks.

Bartell Drugs is offering a full refund to those who purchased the defective socks.

“At least some -- possibly all -- of our stock has 'Go Dawgs' printed on the inside cuff of the socks. Customers with an affected pair may return them regardless of the wear condition of the socks for a full refund,” the company said on its website.

Sources: The Seattle Times, Bartell Drugs, Fazemo / Photo credit: Fazemo

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