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When The 'Costco Guy' Gets Diagnosed With Kidney Cancer, Customers Step Up To Help

A California Costco worker who made customers smile by drawing sketches on receipts for their children and always greeting them at the door has been given frightening news about his health -- and his customer fans have stepped up in a big way to help him. 

Arlie Smith, who has worked at the Danville, California, Costco for 22 years, is known as the "Costco Guy" because of his sunny disposition, which his wife Shari Smith says hasn't diminshed at all since he was diagnosed two years ago with multiple sclerosis and was then given even more devastating news six months ago.

The 45-year-old was reportedly told by doctors that he had contracted kidney cancer, which had spread to his bones. He was told he might live another two years, reports The Blaze

"Since the time he was told that, he's been enthusiastic, and happy, and I'm not kidding," Shari Smith said.

Smith's grim diagnosis has inspired the countless customers who adore him to give back. During his Tuesday shift, a group calling themselves "Arlie's Angels" gave him the surprise of his life. They gathered at Costco and a woman named Bridgette Loughnane delivered the good news:

"We're all here today because we love you so much," she told him. "We got people donating $10, $20, up to $500 so you'll go and have four nights at your favorite place in Laguna Beach."

The group managed to raise $2,500 to send Arlie and Shari on a trip.

Arlie Smith, who began crying, told KGO-TV: "Look at these people. I'm richer than Bill Gates and the guy from Facebook. Those guys on Shark Tank, put them all together. My life is ... I have a priceless, wonderful life. You can't put a price tag on these people and all of this." 

Source: The Blaze, KGO-TV/Photo Credit: KTVU-TV


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