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Corvette Stolen Over 40 Years Ago Recovered, But The Owner May Never Get To Reunite With It

A dramatic story is unfolding in the hills of Forest City, North Carolina, and so far, it’s not clear if the story has a happy ending. The plot centers on Terry Dietrich and her long-lost 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.

Dietrich was 19 years old in 1972 when her father used his General Motors employee discount to buy her a brand new Stingray, 11-Alive reports. She fell in love with the car instantly.

Unfortunately, Dietrich’s time with the car was cut short when it was stolen just six months after she received it. She held out hope for a while that the police would recover the car, but those hopes faded as years passed and her car remained missing.

Then, earlier this year, something happened. A used car dealer bought a Stingray and quickly noticed that the VIN numbers on the engine and frame didn’t match. The dealer, Gary Greene, filed a report with the Dekalb County Police Department, which quickly traced the vehicle back to Dietrich. All Dietrich had to do, the department said, was provide the title for the car and she’d get her long-lost love back. Easier said than done.

Dietrich never held the title for the car — she financed it through Allstate. But, understandably, Allstate no longer has the title for the car, either. It was lost in the administrative shuffle at some point in the last 42 years. Dietrich will need a court order to have the car released to her, but that's a problem, too. She can’t afford one. If Dietrich can’t pool together funds to cover the court order, her beloved car will be auctioned off.

"If I cannot have the car back, I do not want to see it. And I will have to get over this all again," a distraught Dietrich told 11-Alive.

Conversely, nothing would make her happier than owning the car again.

"If I could get that car back, it could roll back up the same driveway, pull back into the same carport it left 11-14-72. How awesome is that?" she asked.

Sources: 11-Alive, MailOnline / Photo Credit: Allstate, via 11-Alive


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