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Correctional Officer Arrested For Allegedly Bringing 'Spice' Into Prison With Her Breakfast (Photos)

Tyra Renita Woodard, a 29-year-old corrections officer at the South Mississippi Correctional Institution in Leakesville, Mississippi, was arrested on Sept. 8 for attempting to bring a spicy breakfast into prison — but this breakfast didn't have hot sauce.

Woodard was arrested after she allegedly brought 112 grams of spice, also known as synthetic marijuana, and other contraband into the facility in her breakfast tray, WSFA reported.

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“Woodard was trying to introduce the spice in her jacket and a white substance in her breakfast food,” Corrections Investigation Division Director Sean K. Smith told WSFA. “In addition, 113 pills, including 71 Xanax, were found in her jacket.”

Authorities are still investigating why Woodard allegedly brought the drugs into the prison. Spice is illegal in Mississippi.

“This officer was caught because her fellow officers followed the search procedures we have in place to deter the introduction of contraband,” Commissioner Marshall Fisher said, Hattiesburg American reported. “Her arrest shows that we have hardworking, honest officers who don’t tolerate corruption.”

Woodard has been charged with possession of a controlled substance on prison grounds. She could lose her job in addition to facing other disciplinary action.

Sources: WSFA, Hattiesburg American / Photo credit: Mississippi Department of Corrections/WSFA


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