Having Cruelty-Free Thanksgiving Without Turkey


By Karin Bennett

There are endless ways for turkey lovers—the millions of people who'd rather rehabilitate than ravage birds' bruised and abused bodies, to celebrate Thanksgiving. Among them are a few festivities that got a jump-start on the holiday that is becoming increasingly veggie-centric.

-- NYC's iconic eatery Sardi's continues to include its historic mouthwatering vegan fare on its Thanksgiving menu.
-- Last week, our friend Ellen DeGeneres showed her viewers how easy it is to prepare vegan Thanksgiving dishes.
-- We're cheering right along with the nearly 15,000 members of The Wedge Natural Foods Co-Op in Minneapolis after reading that the store's general manager, Lindy Bannister, pardoned a Tofurky.
-- Farm Sanctuary and the Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary celebrated Turkey Day by honoring their happy residents over the weekend. And vegans in Long Island, New York, gathered on Sunday for the humongous Hempstead Food Not Bombs event.
-- From Eugene, Oregon, to Santa Rosa, California, and at all points in between, vegans will nosh at Thanksgiving potlucks and parties.

It seems that just about everyone, including the adorablogging dog Teddy Hilton, is offering up info on turkeys, vegan recipes, and/or Thanksgiving events. Share your vegan news or tips in the comments section below.


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