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Corey Starks Buried Father Under House So He Could Collect His Social Security Checks

A man is facing multiple charges after it was discovered that he buried his dad under the home they shared in Portland, Oregon so he could collect his social security checks.

Corey Theo Starks insists his father, Charles Owen Starks, died of natural causes. He was 74 years old at the time.

His remains were discovered when the owner of Anchor Inn RV Park was digging in the land where Starks used to live. Craig Lundborg was clearing the lot after he purchased it.

He then contacted Port Orford Police to report the discovery.

A crime team inspected the remains and discovered they belonged to Charles Owen Starks who lived there until 2010.

They attempted to locate Corey Starks for questioning but they could not find his current address. After federal authorities became involved, they were able to locate him in Walker, Minnesota. 

Starks admitted that he buried his dad under their house in 2010 so he could cash his Social Security checks. 

He is now facing charges of abusing a corpse and collecting and spending his dad's checks. 

They are still investigating the matter and have yet to determine if Starks will face criminal charges for causing his father's death. His remains have been submitted for an autopsy, reconstruction and DNA identification. 

Starks is in jail in Cass County, Minnesota. Currently, it is unknown whether he will be extradited to Oregon to face charges connected with burying his dad under the house.

Sources: Inquisitr, Daily Mail


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