Cops: Woman Ran Over Boyfriend For Having HIV (Video)

Surveillance footage of a woman allegedly running over her boyfriend after discovering he was HIV positive in Phoenix, Arizona, on April 29 has surfaced (video below).

According to police, Misty Lee Wilke got into an argument with her unidentified beau at a local park, notes KNXV.

The boyfriend left on a bicycle, and when he returned, his 44-year-old lover allegedly hit him with her 2012 Ford Mustang, The Smoking Gun reports.

On a neighbor's surveillance video, a car is seen pulling out of the park and a cyclist is seen coming from the opposite direction.

The cyclist appears to stop, but the car suddenly accelerates towards the man, striking him. The cyclist goes flying over the top of the car, which drives off.

In the video, the alleged boyfriend is seeing lying on the street as other bikers peddle over to check on him. He eventually gets up and staggers to the sidewalk, where he collapses.

Court records said the man suffered a severe head injury and a fractured vertebrae, KSAZ reports.

Wilke reportedly drove home, called the cops about a thirty minutes later and told police she had just discovered her boyfriend had HIV.

Wilke told the cops she had "recently become involved in a sexual relationship" with the man, notes The Smoking Gun.

While they were arguing about his HIV, the man "was laughing at her," and Misty admitted to pushing the victim, according to a probable cause statement.

Wilke claimed her boyfriend cut her arm with a knife, so she pushed him. She then got in her car, accelerated, jumped a curb and drove through the park without looking, police say. 

After the incident, Wilke reportedly realized she ran over someone, but did not know how her boyfriend got in front of her car.

Wilke, who did have a small cut on her arm, was charged with two counts of aggravated assault; she remains in jail.

Police found the man's hair and blood on Wilke's car, as well as paint from his bike, reports KNXV.

Sources: KNXV, KSAZ, The Smoking Gun / Photo Credit: kros/YouTube

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