Cops: Wife Helped Pastor David Love Kill Husband


A bizarre story out of Missouri, where a widow is now charged with helping plan the murder of her husband -- a murder allegedly carried out by the couple's pastor, with whom the woman was having an affair.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the story begins in March 2010, when 42-year-old Randy Stone was gunned down in his insurance office in Independence, Missouri.

Pastor David Love delivered an emotional eulogy at the funeral, saying, "We sit here and we weep not just because of the separation from our loved one but because of all the questions that death brings, questions like 'Why? Why him? Why now?'"

Those questions started being answered in November 2010, when Love was arrested and charged with the murder. It seems he and the widow, Teresa Stone, had been having an affair for some 10 years.

On Tuesday, Teresa was arrested on conspiracy charges for allegedly helping to plan the killing.

Police learned of the affair shortly after Stone's death from his relatives. Both Teresa and Love were questioned at the time, but it took six months to gather the evidence to arrest Love, who by then was working as a truck driver in South Carolina, and even more time to implicate Teresa.

Her charges carry up to 15 years in prison if convicted. She was released on bail.

Love remains behind bars. In January he pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder.

The Stones were married for 20 years. Stone was apparently oblivious to the affair. He did volunteer work for the church, and even wrote a self-help book in which he said Love was the "most influential" person in his life. However, he might have caught on towards the end because he left the church two weeks before he was killed.


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