Mom Leaves Baby On Pier While She Drinks At A Bar


An 18-month-old Arizona boy was found wandering on a lakeside pier while his mother went out for a drink at a bar, Peoria police say.

Roseanna Langford Kempson, 33, from Scottsdale, abandoned her child near the Lake Pleasant deck on July 23 to go out drinking with a friend at a local bar.

Fortunately, a bar worker discovered the child walking on a deck that had no railing, above an area of the lake that is over 100 feet deep. The boy was 66 feet away from anyone on the dock, according to AZ Family.

What’s more, the baby was not wearing a diaper or a life vest while he was wandering near the edge of the 7-foot deck, according to police via KNXV.

The mother was allegedly in the bar “extremely intoxicated and had difficulty standing up and speaking.”

Both Kempson and her friend were escorted to the bar’s parking lot on a golf cart by staff. Kempson then got into an altercation with her friend, who gave the boy back to his mother and left.

Authorities arrived at the scene to find Kempson holding her son.

Kempson has been arrested and charged with child abuse and endangering the health of a minor.

Sources: KNXV, AZ Family / Photo credit: MCSO via AZ Family

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