SF Cops Waste Tax Dollars, Go Sniffing for Marijuana


Even in San Francisco, CA, we as citizens have to deal with the absurdity of police wasting tax dollars by investigating and arresting people for smoking marijuana. In this case, police pressure an apartment owner to allow a search of the hallways of an apartment building and look for reported marijuana smoke. According to the San Francisco Weekly:

"They ran into McLaren [Wenzell] in the hallway, and claimed they smelled burnt marijuana, according to Amparan. They talked to him for nine minutes, trying to get permission to search his room, but he refused.

He did, however, go back into his room to gather his doctor's recommendation for medical marijuana (but no license), and a glass jar filled with pot.

The officers followed him into the room, and two witnesses who were in the room saw Sergeant Watts draw his gun. After searching the room, the officers found 410 grams of pot, and demanded to know: 'Where's the money?'"

That's right, if you are a marijuana user who needs it for medical reasons, you will get a gun stuck in your face.

Heck, 4th Amendment rights are no big deal if you are in hot pursuit of some guy smoking marijuana. What is amazing is that this individual was charged, though he had proof that he was abiding by the law. The police should have said, "my bad for sticking a gun in your face while you lawfully had a right to take this medication for whatever is making you suffer."

But they didn't even do that. They tried to prosecute him!

Why is it that marijuana is the only medication where legally possessing it can still lead you to have a gun stuck in your face by the police?

I am pretty sure medication for really bad acne won't result in that. Well, the rational is that he must have been dealing drugs to the other people in his apartment. O.K., what other medication requires that nobody else be in your house? If you have some Viagra, that doesn't mean you are dealing him some of it. These laws are not only unjust, they are just really stupid.

I am glad there are organizations such as NORML to fight these laws.


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