Cops Use Taser On Man Playing Loud Music In Car (Video)


Police in Blytheville, Arkansas, arrested and used a Taser on Patrick Newbern Jr. March 27 (video below).

"I see another Mike Brown and Trayvon Martin situation if you ask me," Newbern told WREG.

Police responded to complaints about loud music when they came upon Newbern in a store parking lot. Newbern later insisted that he was unjustly targeted.

Police body camera footage shows a cop asking Newbern for his driver's license and telling him to step out of his car while a citation is being written.

Newbern begins driving off, but is stopped by another police car in the parking lot.

While he is being pulled out of his car by the cops, Newbern complains abut the police grabbing his bracelet. A struggle ensues and he is Tased.

According to police, Newbern would not get out of his car when commanded to, but Newbern countered to the news station: "When you ask me to get out the car, you open up my door snatching me out the car without letting me get out my seat belt. How can I get out the car in my seat belt?"

A police report said that Newbern allegedly resisted arrest, tried to grab police weapons and attempted to hit a cop. The report confirmed that police used a Taser on him twice and sprayed him with a chemical agent.

The charges against Newborn include a violation of the city noise ordinance, fleeing by vehicle and resisting arrest.

The police did not issue a comment.

The Blytheville Courier News noted in 2012 that a Patrick Newbern, Jr. had been charged with "disorderly conduct" and "fleeing," but it has not been confirmed that this is the same man.

Tony Hollis told the news station that he was president of the Mississippi County Chapter of the NAACP and that the organization was going to protest the police's handing of Newbern, but the Mississippi County Chapter of the NAACP said that Hollis was a former president and the organization actually supports the police action in Newbern's case.


Sources: WREGBlytheville Courier News / Photo credit: WREG via YouTube

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