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Police Throw Trash At Sleeping Homeless Man And Dog (Video)

Police Throw Trash At Sleeping Homeless Man And Dog (Video) Promo Image

Police in Torrance, California, were recently filmed throwing trash at a sleeping homeless man and his dog in a park (video below).

According to a video filmed by the citizen-based Onus News Service, the police tried to wake the man by using their loud siren in a residential area after midnight.

After that noisy tactic failed to yield results, the officers tried tossing trash at the man and his dog. Later in the video, the officers' tactics changed to speaking to the homeless man and prodding him with a baton.

The homeless man was apparently not charged with any crime for his lack of sleeping quarters, but was forced to move on.

The Torrance Police Department has not released a statement.

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In a police story with a happier ending, Officer Jody Thompson in Poteau, Oklahoma, received a certificate of commendation from the Oklahoma Bureau of Investigations on June 27 because of a case that revolved around an 8-year-old boy whom Thompson rescued from abuse in 2015.

"I've investigated child abuse cases before," Thompson recalled to CBS News. "I thought I'd better go ahead and respond."

Thompson came upon a 61-pound boy who had bruises on his head and back, and had his wrists tied with belts.

The boy had been forced into a trash can filled with cold water.

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"He did not have a spot on his body that didn't have a bruise or abrasion," Thompson stated. "It was the worst thing I've ever seen."

After investigators and detectives took pictures of the abused boy, John, Thompson said he drove the youngster to an emergency room for medical care:

I sat with him. And when he was admitted into the intensive care unit, I sat all night until the next day. When I'd seen him in that house shivering and his hands tied -- just soaking wet and confused -- I knew at that moment the only time I would be satisfied and sure that he was safe is if he was with me.

Thompson told the Oklahoma Department of Human Services that he wanted to be a certified foster parent, and brought the youngster home on April 30, 2015:

At the time, I had a 15-year-old son and an 8-year-old son. When I brought John home I didn't tell them or my wife. Everyone knew ... they trusted I was doing the right thing before they even knew what happened and heard the story.

On November 3, 2015, the Thompsons were told by DHS that John's mother gave birth to a baby girl while locked up in prison. DHS asked the couple if they wanted to be foster parents to the girl.

Thompson legally adopted John in August 2016, but the boy's parents -- who were both jailed and awaiting trial -- would not give up their parental rights to the girl.

After a trial and an appeal, the Thompsons adopted the girl, Paizley, on Feb. 16, 2017.

Thompson still marvels at his adopted son's strength:

[John's] the toughest guy I've ever met. John is amazing. He's a straight-A student, on the honor roll, in the gifted and talented program, involved in the local drama club. That kid's very resilient. He bounced back from this.

Sources: Onus News Service/YouTube, CBS News / Photo Credit: Mark Mauno/Flickr, Torrance Police Department/Wikimedia Commons, Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons

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