Cops: Suspect Calls 911 While Choking Boyfriend (Video)


George Rauls reportedly called 911 while strangling his boyfriend, Christopher Hardy, on March 1 in Cleveland (video below).

The caller complained that the police were taking too long to arrive, Fox 8 News Cleveland reported.

When the cops arrived, they found Hardy strangled to death and arrested Rauls for murder.

The caller, identified as Rauls by police, told the 911 dispatcher: “I need a cop 'cause me and my boyfriend got into it and I’m about to kill him.”

The 911 operator asked the caller some procedural questions, and Rauls responded: “I have a belt wrapped around his neck and I’m choking him.”

The operator then asked if the man being choked needed an ambulance.

During the call, the dispatcher also asked, “You letting up on the belt?” and, “Do you hear anything coming from him like short breaths?”

After almost nine minutes of being told that the police were on their way, Rauls asked, “Why is it taking so long?”

The 911 operator states: “I don’t know where they’re coming from, couldn’t tell you where they’re coming from.”

Police arrived on the scene after about 12 minutes.

There were attempts to revive Hardy via CPR, but he was pronounced dead about 30 minutes after police arrived, reported.

Rauls allegedly told police that Hardy refused to leave him alone when asked to do so.

Cleveland Police Union President Steve Loomis told Fox 8 News Cleveland that the police were busy with high-priority matters and short-staffed.

“They were looking for about three minutes for a car to become available," Loomis said. "The guys got the assignment. They got there in a timely fashion, but they came from the south side of the city.”

Rauls was indicted for murder on March 10, but pleaded not guilty.

An assistant safety director said the 911 dispatcher did a good job of handling the situation, and the city found the response time of the police to be acceptable.

Sources: Fox 8 News Cleveland, / Photo Credit: Fox 8 News Cleveland/YouTube

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