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Cops Stop Truck, Make Surprising Discovery

Two police officers in Loxahatchee, Florida, were surprised to find an alligator foot sticking out of the dashboard of a truck they pulled over.

Raymond Fettig, 18, was stopped at Corbett Wildlife Management Area, west of Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens. The officers wanted to make sure Fettig had paid the entry fee, the Sun Sentinel reports.

When they looked inside the truck, they found the foot and other alligator parts scattered throughout the vehicle. There was also dried blood on the dashboard.

"And there was an odor in the back of the truck," Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Carol Lyn Parrish said. "When [the officer] looked in the back of the truck, he located another foot of an alligator that appeared to be fresh."

At first, Fettig reportedly told authorities he and his uncle had killed the animal years ago. However, he later admitted to killing the alligator recently, although he said it was a friend of his who actually shot it. There was also alligator meat found in Fettig's freezer, which he reportedly planned to eat.

He is now charged with illegally possessing a recently killed gator, according to the Sun Sentinel.

In Florida, alligator hunting is legal with a permit from August 15 to November 1, CNN reports. Fettig did not have a permit.

He is scheduled to appear in court toward the end of May.

"I did what was wrong," Fettig reportedly told WPEC. "That's what's going to happen if you do something stupid."

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released the following statement on its Facebook page:

I spy with my little eye…
An alligator foot in the dashboard! Officers Luis Merizio and Casey Schroer stopped a truck to check for their day-use pass in a Wildlife Management Area when they noticed something unusual. Scattered throughout the cab of the truck were alligator parts... including the alligator foot in the dashboard of the truck! The driver told our officers that the parts were from an alligator he hunted a few years ago, but our officers could smell that the alligator had been taken recently. After reading him his rights, the man confessed to killing the alligator just a few days ago without a permit, and he was cited for the violation.

Sources: Sun SentinelCNNMyFWC/Facebook / Photo credit: MyFWC/Facebook

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