Alton Sterling Protesters Arrested On Private Land (Video)


Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, arrested some Black Lives Matter protesters who had been given permission to demonstrate on a homeowner's private property on July 10 (video below).

The protesters were demonstrating against the police killing of Alton Sterling, who was pinned to the ground last week by two officers and shot dead.

The unidentified homeowner told CBS News reporter David Begnaud:

I'm very upset. I'm stunned at the behavior of police officers that utilized, from what I understand, the ability to chase someone that they targeted that was actually on the street, to bombard my yard and bombard my house. They were pushing the door closed on my daughter, myself and other people.

They were pushing people, we were smushed ... I kept telling them this is my property, please do not do that, I live here. I said, it's fine if they're here, and they just look ay me and ignored the things I was saying.

The Daily Beast notes that the homeowner gave the protesters safe refuge on her private property so they would not be arrested for standing in the street, but many were pushed by police into the street and then arrested.

Baton Rouge Police Lt. Jonny Dunham said the demonstrators were arrested for previously trying to enter an interstate on-ramp: "Once you’ve broken the law, there is no safe space."

According to WWL-TV, 48 protesters were arrested by police dressed in militarized riot gear, some of whom were filmed going on private property to make arrests.

The protesters shouted: "You are not your uniform!" and, "Hands up, don't shoot!" and, "Black lives matter!" and, "The world is watching you!"

"We know there’s a lot of tension right now, we know there’s a lot of emotion," East Baton Rouge Sheriff Sid Gautreaux stated. "There’s anger, frustration, hurt, outrage. We respect the right people have to gather and protest peacefully ... At the same time, we’re not going to tolerate any violence, any lawlessness, or any destruction of property."

The cops also threatened to arrest journalists on July 10 who did not have credentials that met the approval of police (the state) -- a possible violation of the First Amendment.

On July 9, police arrested a WWNO radio reporter and the news director of WAFB, reports The Daily Beast. The journalists were charged with the same crime as Black Lives Matter activist DeRay McKesson: one count of obstructing a highway.

Sources: David Begnaud/Twitter, WWL-TV, The Daily Beast / Photo credit: WWL-TV via YouTube

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