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Cops Kill Man, Woman Is Charged With His Murder (Video)

A man was shot and killed by Volusia County Sheriff's deputies May 29 in Deland, Florida, but the woman who was with him has been charged with his murder (video below).

According to WFTV, Donald Edward Brown III and Erin Finney were wanted by police for allegedly robbing two women earlier in the day.

In a video, filmed by an unidentified witness, Finney, who was driving the car, is seen exiting the vehicle and surrendering to deputies.

Brown, the passenger, is seen exiting the vehicle, standing still for some time, then moving his arms around. That's when three deputies open fire on Brown and keep shooting after he has dropped down.

"The video depicts Brown acting agitated and non-compliant with the deputies and, at one point, concealing his right arm behind his back," Volusia County sheriff's spokesman Gary Davidson stated, notes the Orlando Sentinel.

"The video then shows Brown rapidly swinging his right arm in front of him in a manner consistent with the wielding of a deadly weapon, resulting in the deputies opening fire to defend themselves," Davidson added.

However, Brown is not seen advancing toward the deputies, nor was he armed with a gun. He appears to be striking some sort of karate-like pose.

According to authorities, a knife was found on Brown.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating incident, while Deputies Sgt. Justin Stewart, Brandon Coker and Joshua Sheen have been placed on administrative leave, which is normal procedure following a shooting.

While it is indisputable that Brown was killed by deputies, Finney has been charged with his murder even though she did not shoot him and had surrendered to the deputies before they shot Brown. notes that Finney was charged under the Felony Murder Rule in Florida.

Finney was also charged with robbery with a deadly weapon and drug possession.

Sources: WFTV, ExaminerOrlando Sentinel / Photo credit: Unknown Source via YouTube

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