Cops: Security Guard Shot Man Over Candy Bar (Video)


Police said Alvin Gardner was shot by a security guard outside a Fred's store in Canton, Mississippi, after being caught stealing a candy bar and fleeing the business in April (video below).

"You can’t pick up your weapon and shoot someone for a candy bar," Canton Police Chief Otha Brown told WAPT. "That's just not right."

Store managers allegedly saw Gardner putting a Snickers candy bar into his pocket on security cameras, so the managers alerted the security guard, Bennie Montgomery.

According to police, Montgomery followed Gardner outside, fired some warning shots, and then shot Montgomery in his right leg.

Gardner reportedly passed out because of the loss of blood and was later treated at the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Montgomery has been charged with aggravated assault.

It's not clear if Gardner will be charged with shoplifting.

In a separate incident, Jacobia Grimes, who allegedly stole $31 worth of candy at a Dollar General store in New Orleans, is looking at 20 years to life in prison, noted The New Orleans Advocate.

Grimes, 34, is accused of stuffing his pockets with candy bars on Dec. 9, 2015.

Police said that Grimes emptied his pockets of the sweets before he was arrested.

The local district attorney chose to charge Grimes under a special statute that makes this alleged candy theft a felony. Grimes already has five prior theft convictions, and the special statute applies to people with at least two convictions of "theft of goods."

Grimes also falls under Louisiana's habitual-offender law, which means, if convicted, Grimes faces 20 years to life in jail.

Grimes pleaded not guilty in April to these latest charge before Criminal District Court Judge Franz Zibilich, who openly questioned the felony charge.

"Isn’t this a little over the top?" Zibilich said.

"It’s not even funny," Zibilich added. "Twenty years to life for a Snickers bar, or two or three or four."

It's not clear how much Louisiana's habitual-offender laws contribute to the state leading the world in incarceration rates.

According to the state Department of Corrections, inmates cost taxpayers an average of $18,800 per prisoner per year.

Sources: WAPT, The New Orleans Advocate / Photo Credit: WAPT/YouTube

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