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Cops Break Car Window, Yank Man Out During Traffic Stop (Video)

A police dash cam video (below) from April 2016 has surfaced and shows officers smashing a car window, dragging a black man out of his vehicle, and arresting him during a traffic stop in Taylor, Michigan.

According to WJBK, the Taylor Police Department has just now begun an internal investigation into the violent traffic stop, which is over a year old.

The dash cam video was released on May 17 by the ACLU of Michigan, which demanded an investigation into the incident.

In the video, Calvin Jones refused to hand over his driver's license and registration and demanded to be told him why he was being detained.

An unidentified officer did not tell Jones why he was being detained, but said: "Here's the deal, either give me your ID or go to jail."

The officer broke the driver's side window, forced the car door open and was joined by two other cops as they pulled Jones out of the vehicle; a fourth officer ran up as they took Jones to the ground. The African-American driver reportedly blacked out from a chokehold used by the police.

ACLU of Michigan lawyer Mark Fancher told the news station what could have happened instead: "There are law enforcement professionals who suggest that, in a situation like that, the officer does not have to win the debate. ... If the officer had told Mr. Jones at the outset, 'I stopped you because I saw you run a stop sign,' that would've eliminated the entire discussion."

In the second part of the video, Jones' wife was arrested for unknown reasons after filming her husband's arrest. An officer demanded that she hand over her cell phone, but she threw it in the opposite direction.

In response, Fancher stated: "That mere act should not, at least from our perspective, result in the arrest of someone who was trying to cooperate with police."

Fancher also said Jones was forced strip to his underwear, and was locked in a cold holding cell: "He says that, at some point, he was made to lie face down on the floor; that the air conditioning was turned down to a very low temperature, and that he on his own decided to get up off the floor, but was still left in his underwear for an extended period of time."

After the smashing of the car window, the two arrests, the alleged chokehold by police, and the alleged humiliation at the jail, the charges against Jones and his wife were dropped in January.

The ACLU of Michigan filed a complaint on May 23, reports Michigan Live.

"We have just received the complaint today," Taylor Police Chief Mary Sclabassi told the news site. "We take all complaints seriously. A thorough and diligent investigation will be conducted. We will refrain from comment until such investigation is complete."

According to the officer's police report, he was "happy" to tell Jones why he was being detained if Jones gave him his ID.

The ACLU of Michigan says Jones was required by state law to show his driver's license without an explanation from the cop during the traffic stop, but added that the officer did not have to escalate the situation.

The officer also noted in his police report that Jones "actively resisted," and attempted to "grab of something in the center console."

However, Jones told the ACLU of Michigan that he was trying to undo his seat belt.

Sources: WJBK, Michigan Live / Photo credit: Pixabay

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