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Cops Find 11 Dead Animals In Couple's Home (Photos)

A Tennessee couple has been arrested after police found three young children -- along with dead animals -- in their trash-filled, feces-covered home.

Stacy and Dustin Tallent were arrested on June 26, and are currently facing charges of aggravated child neglect, the Daily Mail reported.

Authorities removed 21 animals from the home, 11 of which were found dead in a freezer. The animals included two dogs, two turtles, a rabbit and five parakeets, Chattanooga Humane Educational Society Executive Director Bob Citrullo said.

The animals found alive included four dogs, three cats, another rabbit, a python and a lizard. Citrullo said the animals were "very thin" and covered in parasites and fleas.

The couple was living in the home with three children -- two of whom were 2 years old and another that was 5. Officers said they found the three children in the garbage-littered rooms, WTVC reported. The condition of the home prompted authorities to call the Humane Educational Society, Citrullo said.

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The 2-year-old boys were reportedly twins. At least one of the children was found locked in a room, sitting on a mattress and surrounded by filth.

"I've never seen anything like this," an officer told the news station. "There was feces all over the walls of the home. Trash everywhere."

The couple was arrested and booked into the local county jail on a $105,000 bond. The Humane Educational Society plans to recommend animal neglect charges to the Tallents, both of whom are aged 31.

WTVC reporter Stephanie Santostasi shared the Humane Educational Society's images of the scene on Twitter.

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"BREAKING: HES shares these pictures of the inside of the home on Francis St where 2 people were arrested. You can see feces on wall," she tweeted. "BREAKING: An HES officer tells us he saw with his own eyes chains on the kids bedroom doors. The kids were locked in their rooms.

"BREAKING: This picture shows the latch on one of the bedroom doors. HES officer says kids were inside room with this on door.

"UPDATE: HES tells us 1 of the dogs rescued today is in critical condition. That's due to poor nutrition and internal and external parasites."

"Family member tells me they need prayers and 'everything will be ok,'" Santostasi added.

The family said all three boys were taken to a nearby hospital. Police said it was "standard protocol in this situation."

The animals that were found alive have been seen by a veterinarian, ABC News reported. It is unclear if the couple retained an attorney.

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