NYPD Saves Duckling From Storm Drain (Photo)


Police officers in New York City saved the life of a duckling after it fell into a storm drain.

The young duck had fallen in past the grate on top of the drain when officers in Queens stepped in to help, WPIX reports. Officers Schnitzel, Vlaovich, and Campanelli lifted the grate up to make the rescue.

One of the officers put on gloves and reached into the drain to pick up the baby animal, which was later reunited with its family.

"All's well that ends well," tweeted the Commanding Officer of the 109th precinct.

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In a similar story in 2016, firefighters in New Zealand helped reunite a mother duck with her ducklings after the babies fell into a drain, Daily Mail reports.

One of the men reached into the drain, picking out the little ducklings one by one as his coworker put them into an orange traffic cone. Another firefighter had to hold the man's legs as he dangled over the drain.

"He gets the big jobs," said one of the men jokingly, talking about the firefighter holding the other man's legs.

The firefighters brought the family to a nearby park to release the baby ducks. The mother duck continued to quack at her children, appearing to scold them as the family walked off.

In another duck rescue carried out by the NYPD, officers saved a duck that had found its way onto the subway tracks in March.

The duck had gotten onto the L Train tracks at the Jefferson Street stop in Brooklyn before two officers, Frantz Chalet and Anastasia Mishchenko rescued it with the help of Emergency Services Unit Detectives Kevin Conway and Michael Black.

The officers found the duck lying in a puddle of muddy water along the tracks at around 9:20 in the morning.

"We got a duck on the tracks, duck on the tracks. Gotta save the life," said an officer filming the incident, according to Patch.

"All in a day's work," the officers said as they carried the duck out of the subway, according to WCBS.

"Ducked our cops at Jefferson St, nearly roasted by the L train, apprehension went swimmingly," tweeted transit chief Joseph Fox, "we'll add the return trip to his bill."

The officers released the animal near the reservoir at Highland Park. Once the duck is released, the officer filming can be heard saying, "Later, presh."

"Sick of the snow and too tired to fly, Bklyn duck tries taking L train south for warmer air," posted the L Train's official Twitter account. "Thanks [NYPD Transit and NYPD Special Ops] for the lift!"

Sources: WPIX (2), WCBS, Daily Mail, Patch / Photo credit: Z2amiller/Flickr, NYPD via WPIX

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