Three police agencies reportedly raided the wrong family's home in Sycamore, Illinois, on Oct. 7 because the family's dad is black and wore dreadlocks, which matched the description of a murder suspect (video below).

Illinois State Police, DeKalb County sheriff's deputies, and Sycamore cops were responding to a call about a murder that happened miles away when they surrounded Eric Nabors' home with guns and dogs, notes the Elgin Patch.

Nabors' children, ages 13 and 10, recalled their fear when the police pointed their flashlights through bedroom windows and yelled for them to come out.

"Then there were like flashlights going through the window, they kept flashing it off and on," Eric Nabors, 10, told WLS.

"I was terrified," Briana Browning, 13, added.

Their mom, Deana Brown, told the news station: "I peeked my head outside to see what's going on and the police start yelling at me, 'Come outside with your hands up.'"

The two children walked outside first with their hands up in a video filmed by witness Ryan Scott.

Eric Nabors, the black father who has dreadlocks, told WLS:

I stepped out. I took not even three steps out the door, I looked to my left. And I see a whole bunch of people running saying, "He's got a gun." I didn't have nothing on me, nothing in my hand, I don't own a gun. After they searched me, then they told me what they was looking for: "We're looking for a black male suspect with dreads for a possible homicide in DeKalb." They didn't believe me until they finally ran my name.

"It's just terrifying to see all the guns being pointed at me, and my family and my brother," Briana said.

Two suspects, David Walls and Nico Griggs, were ultimately arrested on Oct. 8; both are black, but only Griggs has dreadlocks.

The Nabors family is considering a lawsuit against the police departments.

"I feel like it could have been better done," Deana said. "They could have had better intel, better description before they put my family through all of this."

The family doesn't feel safe in Sycamore, and has been bunking with relatives in an undisclosed location.

Scott, who filmed and uploaded the video, wrote on his YouTube page: "Share the hell out of this, [the Illinois State Police] already called me presumably wanting me not to upload the video."


Sources: Ryan Scott/YouTube, WLS, Elgin Patch / Photo credit: Ryan Scott/YouTube

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