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Cops Raid Elderly Couple's Home Looking For Meth Lab, Find Nothing But Quilting Supplies

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An elderly New York couple were terrified when their home was raided by police looking for a meth lab. They now say that, almost two months later, they have yet to receive an apology for the incident.

Oswego resident Steve Dunlap was supposed to meet friends at a pizza restaurant on Feb. 11, but a friend later called his wife Cindy asking where he was. Fearing for her husband’s safety, Cindy traced her husband’s route to the restaurant. She was eventually pulled over by police, who informed her that her husband had been taken into custody. Officers brought her back to her home and told her they had obtained a warrant to search the house.

A day earlier, a judge signed a warrant allowing police to search the couple’s home for methamphetamines, crack cocaine and firearms. When they entered the house, officers found nothing except sewing needles, fabric and other quilting supplies.

According to reports, police suspected the house was the headquarters of a drug operation because several cars had been seen coming and going on various occasions. Steve was ultimately released and allowed to return home after the search came up empty.

The two detectives who searched the Dunlaps' home visited the house a week later, though they offered no apology to the couple for what they were put through. Steve and Cindy Dunlap said they no longer feel safe in their home, and fear police officers. “If something goes wrong, who do you call?” Cindy asked.

Sources: Inquisitr, Free Thought Project, WNBF

Photo Credit: Screen Capture via WBNG


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