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Cop's Mistress Would Call 911, He Answered Calls, They Had Sex (Video)

Ocoee, Fla. Police Officer Shaun Whiting resigned from his position after his supervisors discovered he was having an extramarital affair while on duty.

According to WFTV, Whiting met an unidentified married woman (who would become his mistress) during a police call at a grocery store (video below).

Whiting and the woman started exchanging emails and talking on the phone, which reportedly turned into a sexual relationship.

The woman would call 911, hang up and then Whiting would answer the "emergency" call at a hotel, where they had sex.

According to a police report, she also requested a ride-along with Whiting, which was approved by his supervisors, who were unaware at the time of what was going on.

During the ride-along, the two went to a police substation, where she performed a sex act on Whiting, who is also married.

The woman's husband informed police about the affair, which started an investigation, reports

Whiting resigned last summer to keep the affair becoming public, but the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is now planning to revoke Whiting's certification, so the news went public.

If Whiting loses his law enforcement certification, he will never work again as a police officer in Florida.

Neither Whiting or the woman were charged for misusing the 911 emergency call system.

Sources: and WFTV


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