Cops Killed Man's Dog Inside His Home While He Was At Work (Video)

A Round Rock, Texas man says that police officers shot and killed his dog inside his home while he was at work.

According to reports, an alarm system went off at Russell Lane’s home while he was at work. Lane got the alert about the alarm so he disarmed it from his phone, assuming that the front door had accidentally slipped open. Lane’s neighbor then called and told him that they heard shots fired at the residence, so he left work and made his way home.

Meanwhile, Round Rock police officers arrived at the home after being notified that an alarm went off and, according to their account, they busted down the door after announcing their arrival outside of the residence. As they entered the house, Lane’s dog Bullet allegedly charged towards them. One officer fired a shot at the dog, but it still continued to charge, so more shots were fired. When Lane arrived home, officers informed him that Bullet, a Rottweiler, was dead.

"There's a sign in my window that says 'beware of dog' and you go all the way in my house with no sign of forced entry and murder my dog eight minutes from the time the alarm went off,” said Lane. “You didn’t give me time to disarm it or anything before you killed my dog. He was 8 years old when they killed my best friend. I understand if he got out and you were scared for your life because he was an aggressive dog, and you kill him out in the streets to protect someone but you don't come in this dog's house in his place and murder him.”

The police department says they are investigating the incident, but Lane says that he plans to make sure they do not get away with killing his beloved dog.

"I can assure you, they won't get away with killing Bullet in this house," said Lane.

Seven shots were fired in total, but officers say that Bullet was hit with five of them.

Sources: MyFox Austin (2), KXAN


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