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Cops Kill Unarmed Teen Lying On Ground (Video)

A newly-released cell phone video (below) shows police officers in Fresno, California, shooting 19-year-old Dylan Noble while he was lying on the ground beside his pickup truck on June 25.

In the video, obtained and published by the Fresno Bee and KFSN, cops have their guns pointed at Noble while standing only feet away from the unarmed teen. Noble had reportedly already been shot twice by police before the video began.

The cops tell Noble, who is wounded, to show them his hands before shooting him a third time in the video. The police continue to demand that Noble show them his hands and shoot him a fourth time.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer said the cell phone video does not show the entire story, notes the Fresno Bee.

Dyer said that the incident began when a woman called 911 to alert police of a man wearing camouflage and toting a rifle. While police were searching for the man, Noble's pickup truck sped by.

Police pulled Noble over in a Chevron parking lot, but he allegedly refused to show police his hands and walked towards the cops, according to Dyer.

"When he gets within about 12 feet of the officers, he makes the statement, 'I hate my effing life' and then he quickly starts to pull his hand out when the officer fires two rounds and shoots him," Dyer told KFSN.

Dyer told the Fresno Bee that Noble "walked toward [the] officers very rapidly" and pulled his hand out "very quickly."

However, that account seemingly contradicts Fresno Deputy Chief Pat Farmer's version of events. Farmer told the Fresno Bee in June that Noble walked away from police with his hands hidden in his waistband area and then turned around.

Both Dyer and Farmer said that Noble put one hand behind his back.

There was no gun in Noble's hand, but officers opened fire on him twice.

Dyer told KFNS that the officers felt threatened because they thought that Noble had a gun.

After the teen was shot, he fell to the ground next to his pickup truck, which is when the video picks up. The officers shot the wounded, unarmed teen two more times.

"And that happened twice, where he deliberately raised his shirt with the left hand and reached with his right hand underneath his shirt into the waistband," Dyer told KFNS. "The officers, at that point, believed he was trying to retrieve a firearm and they fired."

"There was no firearm on this individual," Dyer said, noted the Fresno Bee. "There was no firearm found in the pickup."

Police did not say what became of the man who was allegedly dressed in camouflage and had a rifle.

Dyer added that the cops were wearing body cameras, but he is not going to release the video until the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office finishes its investigation. The FBI is also investigating the shooting.

"I fully intend on making the video available to the public once the criminal investigation is complete, or we reach a point in the investigation when the release of the video does not hinder the progress of the investigation or taint witness statements," Dyer said.

While the public has not been allowed to see the body camera video, the officers involved (who are witnesses) and their lawyers have, Dyer said.

Dyer refused to identify the police officers in the video per advice from police department attorneys and because the unknown cops are allegedly receiving death threats.

Fresno Mayor Ashley Swearengin refused to answer questions from the Fresno Bee and referred questions to Dyer and city spokesman Mark Standriff.

Standriff emailed a statement from Swearengin to the newspaper that called the shooting "an extremely tragic situation."

"The City is focused on full and complete cooperation with the investigations that are under way by the District Attorney, FBI, Internal Affairs, and the Office of Independent Review, as well as reaching out to the family to offer them the opportunity to view the full video before it is released to the public," the statement said.


Sources: Fresno Bee (2), KFSN / Photo Credit: Unknown Original Source via YouTube

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