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Cops Kill Legally Blind, Mentally Ill Man (Video)

A video (below) released on Jan. 18 shows police in Fontana, California, fatally shooting and killing James Hall, a legally blind and mentally ill man, inside a Chevron gas station mini-mart on Nov. 22, 2015.

The video was released by the Hall family's lawyers, who filed a civil rights and wrongful-death lawsuit against the City of Fontana and the police department, notes the Los Angeles Times.

The shooting occurred over a year ago, but the San Bernardino County district attorney is still reviewing the incident.

Mark Geragos, a lawyer representing the Hall family, said: "It’s a disturbing video indictment of the officers. The video puts the lie to the obviously falsified police account of what happened. In fact, this was an execution."

The Fontana Police Department issued a press release on Jan. 19 about the incident:

On November 22, 2015, officers of the Fontana Police Department responded to a reported armed robbery in progress at a local convenience store. During the incident, which was captured on store surveillance, an officer involved shooting occurred. Mr. James Hall, whom was armed with a rock and knife, was shot and killed by one of the responding officers.

However, the Los Angeles Times notes: "Hall appears to have a small item in his hands, but it is difficult to distinguish in the grainy image. At times, he also appears to be empty-handed."

There is a brief standoff near some soda fountains, but Hall doesn't appear to advance towards the cops. Instead, he moves back and forth near a counter when the police open fire.

After Hall is shot, he collapses on the floor and a group of cops surround him, many with their guns drawn.

According to the lawsuit, Hall was legally blind and suffered from schizoaffective disorder, and that people in the community were "fully aware of his disabilities."

Sources: Los Angeles Times, Fontana Police Department / Photo Credit: Fontana Police Department

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