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Ohio Cops Join Kids' Football Game (Video)

Officers in Harrison Township, Ohio decided to take a break from their regular day to play football with a group of kids, and lucky for us, the game was caught on camera.

Three deputies with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office were reportedly driving along a road in Harrison Township when they saw a group of kids playing football. Instead of ignoring the game, however, the deputies decided they would join in on the fun.

"And then the cops came and joined us," said Davonta Hansbro, 10, to ABC 22 News. "I was on the cops' team, we had fun."

Since the football game was caught on camera, it’s quickly started to go viral on social media, which is exactly what Sheriff Phil Plummer says he was hoping for.

“I want the video to go viral,” said Plummer. “We need to work harder to buy the trust of the community. I'm glad they [the deputies] did that.”

Two of the officers who took part in the game have been identified as Haas and Debarr, and according to reports, the game had to be cut short when a car went speeding past them. The officers chased the car down, arrested the man and then went back to the group of kids to tell them why they had to arrest the man in the hopes of teaching them a lesson.

“To see officers come out and play with the kids in the community like that, it's a good thing,” said Chris Dorsey, who captured the game on camera. “We need more officers like this.”

The cops have reportedly already been challenged to a rematch against the group of kids.

Sources: Fox 45 Now, ABC 22 News


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