Cops Go Above And Beyond To Assist Single Mother In Need (Photo)

The Phoenix Police Department is making headlines after three officers went out of their way to help a single mother and her young son, who are facing financial hardship.

Officers Jason Harris, Brian Peters and Ben Carro sprang into action Dec. 6 after learning that Kirsten May, a young woman with a 4-year-old son, had lost her job and was in danger of being evicted.

"I lost my job," May told KPNX. "I lost daycare. I was completely at rock bottom."

The officers decided that it was the least they could do to make sure May and her son had a tree to celebrate Christmas.

"[The officers] knew that another officer, Manuel Reyes, works at Home Depot as an off duty officer," the Phoenix Police Department wrote on its Facebook page. "They brought him in on their plan and asked the manager of the Home Depot … for some help."

The Home Depot was kind enough to donate a tree and a stand to May, and the officers drove it over to her on their police cruiser.

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"I cried like a little kid," May told KPNX. "My son gets to experience what holidays are about thanks to what these officers did and are doing. It shows they don't just arrest people."

But the officers didn't stop there. They reportedly intend to donate presents so that May's son has something to open on Christmas morning. Moreover, an organization called Angels on Patrol is going to pay May's rent for the rest of the month.

May has already managed to find a new job, and is no longer in danger of losing her apartment, according to KPNX.

Sources: KPNX, City of Phoenix Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Daily Mail, KPNX

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