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Cops Go To Wrong House And Get Big Surprise

There was a mysterious post on Dec. 9 to a Facebook page called “Police Officers”  

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The post, signed “Anonymous officer,” explains that “Partner and I accidentally went to the wrong address today on a run and stumbled across this beautiful tree.”

The officer included photos of the tree, but the photos were “quickly taken off,” reports Little Things.

Why they were taken off is not explained, though it is noted that the post was shared some 25,000 times, reportedly because the tree was a tribute to fallen police officers.

In the post, the anonymous officer went on to explain:

“The owner took the time to write down every Officer killed in the line of duty this year and place it on the tree. Not only did she do all the Humans but she included all the K9s on the small ornaments. She calls it the ‘Tree of Honor.’ Guess our paths were meant to cross since she just finished it last night.”

In the picture, it is evident that each ornament is dedicated to an individual officer who died in the line of duty. The ornaments are all blue or silver, and hand-inscribed with the rank, name, and dates of officers who died in the line of duty during the past year.

When the story was posted on the Facebook page Shared, one commenter asked “what about name of all the unarmed people the officers killed?”

Also accompanying the story on the Shared page is a picture of a police officer using a battering ram on the front door of a suburban house. But it is not reported whether or not it was the same house that the anonymous officers mistakenly went to, where they stumbled upon the tribute tree.

Sources: Little Things, Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook via Little Things

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