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Cops Frisk Former NFL Player Ricky Williams For Walking (Video)

Former NFL and University of Texas football player Ricky Williams was stopped and frisked by police in Tyler, Texas, while walking outside his hotel on Jan. 18 (video below).

Police said they were answering a call from a resident "in reference to a suspicious person behind his fence line in his backyard," notes KTBC.

The homeowner told 911 that there was a black male suspect crouching down below the homeowner's fence in an area that was in the back of a Courtyard Marriott hotel.

The homeowner and the suspect reportedly made verbal contact about a lost dog. The suspect was later seen climbing over a fence into a church parking lot.

Police officers searched the area, and spoke to a construction worker who said that a suspect, matching the homeowner's description, picked up a tape measure and was planning to take it, but didn't.

Police then located a suspect, who matched the previous description, north of the hotel.

A police dash camera video shows Williams being stopped by the cops.

Williams told the police that he was taking a walk, and pointed to the hotel where he was staying.

Williams was in town for the Earl Campbell Award Ceremony.

A cop told Williams that he was going to pat him down and make sure that he didn't have any weapons.

While the officer searched Williams -- without a warrant -- a second cop said that he "looked like Ricky Williams."

Williams replied, "I am Ricky Williams."

A third officer arrived on the scene as the first officer asked if he could go through Williams' pockets, which Williams consented to.

The first officer told Williams: "Here’s the thing. I know more than you think I know. I know you were in somebody’s yard back there."

Williams insisted that he was just walking, and was not in anyone's yard. Williams then explained to another officer how he was going for a walk.

Williams asked the police what the repercussions of his walk could possibly have been, and an officer answered: "That's what we got to figure out."

One of the officers said that Williams was acting defensive, after being searched and questioned.

Williams and the police debated racism, and then the first cop asked Williams for his Social Security number and phone number.

Williams answered questions about his football career, when he was leaving and how he was getting to the airport.

Williams recounted the incident on the "Dudley and Bob Show" radio program in Austin (video below).

The Heisman Trophy winner said that he was taking a walk, and heard a dog barking nearby. So he walked a different direction, but was stopped by the police on his way back to the hotel.

Williams recalled the details of the police stop to the radio show hosts, who felt it was racial profiling.

Sources:  KTBCDudley and Bob Show/YouTube / Photo Credit: Chrisjnelson/Wikimedia Commons

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