Cops Force Lesbian Out Of Women's Bathroom (Video)


A video (below) resurfaced on Facebook on April 19, and it shows a lesbian being pulled out of a women's bathroom because police reportedly believed she was actually a man.

The video was originally uploaded to Facebook in December 2015 by Urban Leak but was re-posted on Facebook by "Black Lives Matter" activist Tamara McDaniel as response to the recent controversy over bathroom policies, USUncut reports.

"Lesbian harassed and forced to leave a public restroom because the police insist she's a man," McDaniel wrote as a caption to the Facebook video. "Is this what 'Make America Great Again' means? This makes me very sad and I want no part of this irrational fear. I mean, you can't think of a 1000 ways these laws will be used as an excuse to harass, humiliate, and arrest people? SMDH."

McDaniel's posting has been viewed over 2.6 million times as of April 28.

It's not clear when or where the video was filmed.

In the video, the woman in question shouts at the police: "I'm a f----- female. Do I have tell you again?"

A cop asks for ID, but the woman tells him she does not have it. The same cop orders the woman out of the bathroom while other women insist that she is a woman.

When the woman turns her back on the officer, he walks up to her face and orders her out and then he and pushes her out of bathroom .

The Daily Star notes that some of Facebook responses on McDaniel's Facebook page included:

"Absolutely disgraceful. It's bad enough that a woman is ejected from a women's restroom because she's not wearing 'women's clothes.'"

"But isn't it a bit ridiculous that they sent men in there to get her? Doesn't sending two men in just exacerbate the discomfort of the idiot that reported her?"

"This seriously made my heart race with anger. Thank you to the other women there who were vouching for this woman. If only the government would show the same solidarity!"


Sources: Tamara McDaniel/Facebook, Daily Star, USUncut / Photo Credit: Urban Leak via YouTube

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