Cops: Florida Woman Killed Husband, Buried Him in Yard

A Florida woman is charged with first degree murder for allegedly killing her elderly husband and burying him in the yard -- all because she didn't want to take care of him anymore.

The Daily Mail reports that 78-year-old Benny Scott disappeared in January. Whenever anyone would call to talk to him, police say his wife Barbara would report that he was too sick to come to the phone.

Then last month she told her daughter that Scott slipped in the shower and suffered a fatal blow to the head. She said she panicked and buried him in the yard, later planting herbs over his body.

But when they got to the police station, she changed her story and said Scott killed himself. When cops exhumed his body they found a bullet wound to the back of his head. Barbara Scott admitted to police that she owned a .22 caliber gun.

This week a grand jury indicted her for murder.

Police say the wife was tired of taking care of Scott, who suffered from heart problems.

"Benny was always needing and wanting her assistance," Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said. "As he aged, he needed more attention. Barbara got tired of him. There was only one thing to do and that was to get him out of the way."


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