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Police Arrest Naked Suspects In Kidnapping Case

Police Arrest Naked Suspects In Kidnapping Case Promo Image

Kidnapping charges are pending in a strange case where police found a car full of naked people after a crash.

According to police, a man and woman, along with a 6-week-old infant, were forced "against their will" into a vehicle that was involved in a crash, Global News reports.

The man, who says he had been forced into the trunk, managed to escape, and the woman and baby escaped shortly after.

A passerby picked up the three of them in his truck, which was then rammed from behind by the car that had allegedly kidnapped the three people.

Five people were arrested, all of whom were in the vehicle suspected of abducting the man, woman and baby. The five people were also reported to all be naked. It was around 17 degrees Fahrenheit at the time of the incident.

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Two of those arrested in Nisku, Alberta, Canada, were minors who have been released without charges, and three adults are reported to be in custody, said Leduc County Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

"Charges are pending against the adults for kidnapping and resisting arrest," said the RCMP in a statement. "Investigation remains ongoing into several other components of this incident."

RCMP added that the parties involved in the incident knew each other and they believed that the attempted kidnapping was targeted. Investigators said drugs and alcohol may have been involved in the incident.

"There was a big commotion, cops everywhere," said Dustin Horutko, a witness who works in the area and saw the scene of the incident on his way back from a supply run. "Car in the ditch and it looked like they were trying to get into the car, they were all surrounding it."

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He added: "All of a sudden, they got in the car -- I think they ripped the doors off -- then I saw bodies come flying out and they looked like they were wearing really light clothing until they were closer to me and I realized they were all naked."

Horutko says the people who emerged from the vehicle all looked like women in their 20s. RCMP said that the suspects arrested were a man, two adult women and two female minors, according to CTV News.

"[Police] ripped them out of the car, they threw them into the snow and had their knees on their backs," said Horutko. "It looked like the girls were resisting arrest, so they were getting pretty aggressive. They walked them straight back to the cop car naked."

"He tried opening the doors and he couldn't get in the one side," said Horutko. "Then he tried the other side but he still couldn't get in so she stood there for 30 seconds, no clothes on."

"Just a wild morning... it was just crazy," he added. "If I didn't have the picture, no one would have believed me."

Derek Scott, of LPH Industrial, said his employee was the one who picked up the two people and baby after they had escaped the vehicle.

"Apparently they came out of the ditch with no shoes on, so he stopped to see obviously if they needed help," said Scott. "Its the middle of winter and people running around with no shoes on -- you stop to help them."

"I'm not going to say too much about the family involved, just because I think they've been through enough," added Scott.

The man, woman, and baby forced into the car were not injured.

Sources: Global News, CTV News / Featured Image: Mindsay Mohan/Flickr / Embedded Images: Dustin Horutko/Global News

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