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Cops: Fifth-Graders Planned To Attack High School

Five alleged would-be terrorists are expected to face charges after they were accused of trying to set off an "explosive" at a New Jersey school assembly on Dec. 2.

The twist? The suspects are fifth-graders, each either 10 or 11 years old, who attended School 11 in Clifton, New Jersey, The Associated Press reports.

The group -- allegedly four girls and one boy -- planned to "cause damage" during an assembly at Clifton High School, which is in the same school district, the New York Daily News reports.

School staff found written plans for the attack and called police.

Officers found a device filled with vinegar and cinnamon, and while they said the device couldn't have exploded, they believe the kids were serious about trying to cause damage.

"It was not a prank," Detective Sgt. Robert Bracken told, according to AP.

The children were suspended from school and returned to their parents after being arrested. They haven't been charged with any crimes, but a police investigation is ongoing.

Officers are looking into the possibility that the children might have been influenced and helped by someone else.

Sources: AP, New York Daily News / Photo source: Wikimedia Commons

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