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Cops Pull Black Rider From Car For Cell Phone (Video)

A black passenger, Steven S. Sinnott, was pulled out of a car by police on April 17 in Dolton, Illinois, after he refused to put down his cell phone, which he was using to film a traffic stop of the black driver.

"I wasn't trying to make their job harder at all," Sinnott told "I was trying to stand up for my rights."

During the traffic stop for speeding, an officer, known only as Gutierrez, repeatedly asked the two young men if there was anything in the car that the police should know about, an apparent question about drugs.

The driver said there wasn't anything, but Sinnott, who was sitting in the back seat, refused to answer.

The officer asked to search the car, and Sinnott told the driver repeatedly to say "No," which seemed to upset the officer.

The driver finally said, "No," and the officer turned his attention to Sinnott who had been filming him with a cell phone.

"Hey, I told you to drop the phone and put your hands behind the car seat," the officer said. "I said put the phone down and put your hands on the seat!"

Sinnott refused to and told the driver: "Why? Because if I drop the phone, he's going to say I'm reaching for something else."

Sinnott kept filming with his cell phone, and Gutierrez instructed his backup officers to drag him out of the car.

According to Sinnott, he was taken to the police station, handcuffed to a wall and charged with disorderly conduct.

One of the officers at the station had worked with Sinnott's mother in the past, and released Sinnott with a court summons. noted the last name of the original officer, Gutierrez, but the Dolton Police Department has not issued any statements.

In 2009, a Dolton school security officer resigned after he was caught on a school surveillance video allegedly assaulting a 15-year-old special-needs student, Marshawn Pitts.

Ed Manzke, Pitts' lawyer at the time, told CNN that the officer had beaten the teen for not following the school dress code at the Academy for Learning.

Manzke said the officer slammed the teen against some lockers and pinned him on the floor, which broke the student's nose.

Sources:, CNN / Photo credit: Mafia_TakeOff Official/YouTube

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