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LAPD Detains Golden-Voiced Ted Williams

The homeless man with the golden voice was reportedly briefly detained by police in Los Angeles on Monday. Ted Williams, who has become the celebrity of the moment after being discovered on the side of a highway in Ohio, apparently got into a heated argument with his daughter at a hotel.

"Entertainment Tonight" reports that Williams and the woman argued Monday night at the Renaissance Hotel in Hollywood.

“I don’t know how loud they were,” Officer Catherine Massey said, but it was loud enough that it led to a disturbance report.

Massey said Williams and his daughter were taken to the Hollywood station, where officers talked to them and calmed them down. Massey said they were never arrested and were released about an hour later. Massey did not know the nature of the argument.

Williams’s manager, Al Battle, would not comment, put promised to issue a statement soon.

“Once we get all the facts, it’ll be out there for everybody to have,” he said in a brief phone interview with the Associated Press.

Williams was in Los Angeles for several television appearances

The 53-year-old Williams was a radio announcer whose career was derailed by drugs and alcohol. He was living on the streets until a video report by The Columbus Dispatch last week catapulted him into stardom after people heard his velvety voice.

He has already done several voice-over commercials and promos, and has been offered an announcing job by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Williams is also no stranger to police. He has served time in prison for theft and forgery and has been cited with numerous misdemeanors, including drug abuse.

Although Williams claims he has been sober for more than two years now, he said dealing with sudden fame is stressful.

“I wanted a nerve pill yesterday, to be honest with you,” he told CBS last Friday.


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