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Cops Cover Man's Meal Tab At IHOP, Arrest Him Just A Few Hours Later

When Arizona Police officers responded to a call about a man with mental issues who couldn’t pay for his meal at a Phoenix IHOP, they decided to help him out by paying his tab. What happened next, however, was beyond what they’d expected.

Authorities arrived at the IHOP after employees called and informed them that Mykel Cantrel Cooper, 23, had just ordered and eaten a meal but was unable to pay for it. When they arrived, it was determined that Cooper had “mental health issues,” according to PIX 11. The officers subsequently paid his tab, tipped the wait staff and proceeded to transport him to a nearby facility for treatment at his request. While at the facility, Cooper reportedly told officers that he had “done something bad” to his roommate.

The cryptic revelation prompted officers to visit the young man’s apartment and investigate. They entered the apartment to find Cooper’s roommate, Steven Horkovy, 29, stabbed to death. The stabbing was believed to have happened early last week, the day before Horkovy’s body was discovered on Dec. 31.

Cooper later admitted to the homicide and was arrested for suspected first-degree murder. He was taken to the Maricopa County Jail, where his bond was set at $1 million.

Sources: PIX / Photo Credit:


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