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Cops Caught on Video Fighting with Two Brothers Who Claim Police Brutality

Brothers Tywonn Mitchell and Naybon Moore were charged for allegedly assaulting two Detroit police officers, but the siblings claim to be victims of police brutality.

Mitchell (pictured) says he and his brother were driving to a local restaurant back in May when Detroit police officers began tailing their car, noted My Fox Detroit.

After the brothers pulled into the restaurant parking lot, police officers followed them inside the eatery and asked what they had said outside (video below).

The brothers said they had not spoken to the police outside, but then the officers wanted to see their IDs.

The brothers, who are in college studying criminal law, asked the police what they had done wrong. Seconds later, one of the police officer laid both of his hands on one of the brothers, who pushed him away and the fight began.

The brothers were charged with assault and battery on a police officer, obstruction of justice, and resisting arrest.

According to the Detroit Police Department, the police officers were investigating inside the restaurant when one of the cops extended his hand and asked one of the brothers to step back, but the brother slapped the officer's hand.

Source: My Fox Detroit


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