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Cops Break Car Window To Save Wig, Won't Pay To Fix? (Video)

Police in Suffolk, Virginia, broke a young woman's car window to rescue what they thought was a child, but was actually a wig, on Oct. 20 (video below).

An unidentified concerned parent called 911 about the "child" that was supposedly locked inside Jasmine Turner's car outside a school, notes WAVY.

Turner was shopping with her employer for company supplies when she got a call from the police about a child locked in her vehicle.

"Automatically, I'm like, 'What baby?'" Turner told the news station.

Turner recalled that police asked her how long it would take for her to return to the car, and she told them five minutes.

According to Weather Underground, the maximum temperature in Suffolk that day was 83 degrees, the mean (average) was 73 degrees, and the low came in at 63 degrees.

When Turner returned to her vehicle, all she found was a broken window on the front passenger side.

"By the time I get from the Walmart back to my job, the police aren’t there," Turner said. "But the window is busted out of my car and there’s glass everywhere."

Turner cleaned out the glass, but she is worried about her own safety because the window is missing.

"I really can’t take my car anywhere around Suffolk," Turner told WAVY. "Anywhere as a matter a fact, you never know, somebody is just going to go, 'Oh, well she has her window down, so I'm free to do whatever.'"

Turner said that the window repair will cost hundreds, and the police refuse to pay for the damage they inflicted.

"I just want my window fixed, and when I do get the window fixed, I need them to pay for ... a rental or whatever the case is," Turner stated. "Because I can't miss time from work, I have bills to pay."

The Suffolk Police Department said they told Turner how to contact the city's Risk Management Department for repairs.

Sources: WAVY, Weather Underground / Photo credit: WAVY/YouTube

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