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Officers Attacked Outside High School (Video)

A disturbing video (below) of two school police officers being attacked in Philadelphia on May 2 was released by the city's police department on May 4.

Police say the two cops were trying to escort some students out of Northeast High School, when they saw two adults assaulting a student, notes WPVI.

"Those school officers intervened in attempting to stop the assault of the student, when they do so, the two offenders that are involved in this shift their focus onto the school police officers," Lt. John Stanford stated.

According to police, there was an argument between the school officers and the adults.

The video shows two officers confronting an unidentified male suspect who tries to punch them. Moments later, another male subject runs up behind the officers, pushing one down to the ground.

Then both suspects punch the other officer until he falls to the ground, and make their getaway; a third male suspect is seen assaulting one of the officers.

Onlookers seem to cheer during the assaults, but witness Baher Alfroukh told the news station: "I tried to break up the fight, but there were too many guys. I went inside and called 911."

One officer ended up with a broken jaw and lost some teeth, while the other had some bruising.

"It's very disturbing, you have adults that are not only about to assault students, but they also get into a fight with our school police officers," School District of Philadelphia spokesman Fernando Gallard said.

"Their job is to walk the neighborhood when students are released from school," Gallard added.

Brenden Lee, executive director of Philadelphia School Safety, stated: "We're going to work real closely with Northeast Detectives to get some witness statements and some other investigations going on to find them."

All three suspects are described as black males, and two are about 20 years old. Police are asking the public to look at the video and call in tips, notes PhillyVoice.

Sources: WPVIPhillyVoice / Photo credit: Philadelphia Police/YouTube

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