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Woman Found Beheaded In Brooklyn Channel (Photos)

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A headless woman's body was found floating in a channel in Brooklyn on June 27 and local police are asking for help in identifying her.

The New York Police Department responded to a call about a body floating in the Red Hook Channel in Brooklyn, according to the New York Post. A man out walking his dog around 11 a.m. spotted the body floating in the channel and called police, noting that the dismemberment looked intentional.

"It was brutal,” said the local man who found the body but asked to remain anonymous. “The woman wasn’t just murdered -- she was butchered. This body was dismembered and the cuts looked clean, like it was chainsawed."

Police have few leads in determining the identity of the woman, but a tattoo on her thigh may be helpful, they say. WNBC reported that authorities released a photo of the tattoo in the hopes someone may recognize it and help identify the victim.

The naked body was pulled from the channel with missing parts to the legs and torso. The body had been dismembered, and the head was missing. 

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The medical examiner will help to determine the cause of the woman's death, as well as try to find other potential ways to identify her.

Brooklyn is safer than 37 percent of U.S. cities, with a total crime rate of 19.34 crimes per 1,000 residents, according to Neighborhoodscout. The national median, and the New York state average, for violent crimes is 3.8 per 1,000 residents. Brooklyn's violent crime average is 5.4 per 1,000 residents.

Brooklyn had 116 reported murders and 757 reported rapes in 2016, to go with 4,966 robberies and 8,661 assaults. More than 2.6 million people live in Brooklyn.

Because Brooklyn has so many people in such a small area, the number of crimes per square mile in the New York City borough is several times that of the national average. Brooklyn experiences 788 crimes per square mile per year, while the average American square mile sees only 32.85 crimes. The average for New York state is slightly above average at 41 crimes per square mile.

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Queens, the borough that neighbors Brooklyn, is much safer by comparison. With 2.3 million residents, Queens has a lower-than-average property crime rate and an average number of violent crimes. The crime per square mile ratio is still higher than the average, but is more than one-half the rate of Brooklyn.

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