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Cops Arrest Black Man, Friends Over Birthday Party (Video)

An African-American man and his two friends were recently arrested in Lawrenceville, Georgia, over a birthday pool party (video below).

According to The Free Thought Project, Ashton Smallwood got permission from his apartment complex leasing office to have the pool party.

Smallwood and his friends, Clifford Larose and Shauntelle Kindle, said that Det. Nermin Cultarevic, also a resident of Smallwood's apartment complex, told them to leave.

The group said that Cultarevic called Officer Hernandez of the Gwinnett County Police Department to the complex, and the two lawmen spoke to each other in Spanish.

According to Larose, who speaks Spanish, Cultarevic told Hernandez that the three friends were criminals, and were not residents at the complex.

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Smallwood reportedly told the officer that he lived at the complex, but was told he had to leave. Hernandez allegedly told the trio that they were criminally trespassing and would be charged.

Smallwood, Larose and Kindle then called 911, reports The Free Thought Project.

When more police officers arrived, they charged Kindle (who filmed the incident) with obstruction of justice, Clifford with trespassing and Smallwood with disorderly conduct.

The trio said that Cultarevic falsely told Hernandez that they were smoking marijuana.

"My friend has never smoked weed in his life," Larose stated.

The Gwinnett County Police Department has not issued a statement.

In more law enforcement news, the Kennewick Police Department in Washington state is being criticized for a June 24 Facebook post describing how its officers closed down a homeless man's bicycle repair business:

We responded a call where the businesses in the 100 block of Vista Way were complaining about a 38 year old transient out of Spokane who had set up a make shift bicycle repair business behind the CHASE bank. Officers stood by until he had packed all his stuff up and left He was also warned about getting charged with not having a business license and or trespassing if we find him set up somewhere else.

Facebook users expressed their outrage:

Hey there's some kids on Washington street selling lemonade on a public side walk...are gonna ask them for their business licence ???

Doesn't the KPD have funds that they can use to help people out? Couldn't they help this guy get a business license and find some property owners that would be willing to allow him to set up shop for a few weeks until he can afford to pay for a space?

This poor man was not even in a spot that was in the way.

Please go to every yard sale, every kid mowing a lawn, and everyone who has a car posted for sale and ask them for a business license. I don't want anyone doing business without paying their extortion fees to you and your gang.

Don't you have a church bake sale to go bust up some where?

So if he had a sign asking for money because he was out of work that would have been ok?

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Kennewick Police Department/Facebook / Photo credit: Timothy Tolle/Flickr, DJ Inflatable/Wikimedia Commons, DanTD/Wikimedia Commons

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