Police Pull Over Black Man: 'We Gotta Find Something' (Video)

Police Pull Over Black Man: 'We Gotta Find Something' (Video) Promo Image

Police in Las Vegas were caught on video (below) pulling an African-American man out of a car and then scrambling to find evidence to charge him with a crime.

The undated video is featured in the new documentary "What Happened in Vegas."

Solomon Silk Galloway recalled in the documentary that he was a passenger in the car when it was pulled over for allegedly speeding in front of the police:

I was sitting there, minding my own business in the passenger seat. The officer looks over at me and says, "Do you have your ID?" and I said, "Yes." He said, "May I have it?" and I said, "No you may not."

The officer responded: "Well, in the state of Nevada, I don't know where you know your rights from..."

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Galloway's lawyer, Stephen Stubbs, told KTNV: "They demanded the ID and he said 'no.' Rightfully. Silk was right on the law."

Stubbs also appears in the documentary, and says the police report stated that the car Galloway was riding in was going 55 mph, but a bodycam video from of one of the police officers inside a squad car, which was following, shows it going under 45 mph.

After stopping the car, an officer told the driver that he was "flying" and "going at least 60."

Moments later, the same officer told the driver that he was going at least 65 mph.

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In the documentary, Galloway asked to see the officer's supervisor, stated that he had not committed any crime as the passenger, and said police had no right to subject him to a search.

The officer told Galloway he didn't have a right to speak to a supervisor, but Galloway insisted he did. Galloway made the request several more times.

A lieutenant walked up to the car, and Galloway asked him if he had a reason to believe that Galloway had committed a crime. The lieutenant did not respond to the question in the documentary.

"I'm going to give you to the count of three or I'm going to pull you out," the lieutenant said.

Stubbs told KTNV the lieutenant pulled Galloway out without any kind of count.

"The police did not act right here," Stubbs told the news station. "And my client's rights were violated."

Galloway said in the documentary the police were unaware a GoPro action camera on the dashboard was recording them.

The officers said the car smelled like marijuana, and searched the vehicle, but were unable to come up with the illegal substance.

"I'm thinking if we start pulling stuff out we might find it," one officer stated.

Another officer responded: "Do what you gotta do, because we gotta find something."

Unable to find any evidence in the vehicle, the police arrested Galloway for obstruction of justice, and reportedly performed an anal probe on him at the jail.

"They took him to jail," Stubbs said. "They arrested him, they strip-searched him, they cavity searched him."

Stubbs has called for the charge against Galloway to be dropped.

The Las Vegas police did not issue a comment to KTNV.

Sources: KTNV, What Happened in Vegas/YouTube / Photo credit: Tomas Del Coro/Flickr, Cliff/Flickr, Tony Hisgett/Flickr

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