Cops: 65-Year-Old Man Shot Two In Self-Defense (Video)


A 65-year-old man shot two younger men on March 1 in Philadelphia in self-defense, say police (video below).

The senior's wife said the incident happened when she and her husband were walking home, and one of the young men asked her husband, "What are you looking at?" and her husband answered, "What are you looking at?" notes NBC 10 Philadelphia.

Three unidentified witnesses claimed the two young men, ages 21 and 20, attacked the senior, who has a valid permit to carry.

The senior shot the men with a .45 caliber pistol.

The elderly couple's attorney, Kenneth Young, told WPVI:

He explained he has a firearm. They said they don't care. They punched him in the face. The whole side of his face is blown up. His wife is being hit. He asked them to leave. He begged them to stop. Then he discharged his firearm.

"This was a matter of life or death," Young added. "If he didn't do what he did, and he didn't have the training to do it. I think we would be at a funeral right now. I mean, it's that bad."

Both of the young men were taken to a hospital for their gunshot injuries.  The elderly man, who had bruises on his face, head and chest, was also admitted.

The D.A. will make a final determination if this was a case of self-defense.

Sources: NBC 10 Philadelphia, WPVI / Photo credit: NBC 10 Philadelphia via YouTube

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