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Officer Wishes Aloud That He Could Shoot Teens (Video)

A police officer's body camera video (below), purportedly belonging to an officer in Weiser, Idaho, shows an officer giving a young woman a hard time, and then later telling a police dispatcher inside a station house that he wishes to shoot teenagers.

The Free Thought Project notes that the video, which was uploaded on Nov. 14, begins with the officer  grilling a young woman.

The officer asks the teen, "Where’s your license at?" but as the teen goes to get the license, the officer tears into her: "I didn’t say to go get it I asked you where it was! Do you not understand English? Do you not know how to comprehend?"

The teen apologies to the angry officer who claims the teen is disrespecting him.

"I thought that meant to go get my license," the teen states. "If that was wrong of me, I'm sorry. It's in my car, OK?"

The officer tries to demean the teen further: "Since when in the U.S., does, 'Where is your license?’ mean walk away and go get it?"

The girl says she was homeschooled until seventh grade, and the officer asks if she was taught "comprehension." The officer then tells her to go fetch her license from her car, which she was going to do originally.

Later in the video, the officer appears to be inside a police station where he tells a laughing dispatcher: "Mouthy little b****es. Oh my f***ing God. If I could get away with it, I would’ve put a bullet in the center of each one of their heads."

The Free Thought Project contacted the Weiser Police Department for confirmation, but has not yet received a response.

The YouTube user who uploaded the video, wrote on his page:

THIS VIDEO DOES NOT REFLECT THE ACTIONS OF THE MAJORITY OF THE WEISER POLICE DEPARTMENT. However, with actions like this, some of what has been considered outrageous backlash against police makes more sense. The officer's demeaning conduct to a community member is depicted in the first 1:05 of this video. Thereafter, his violent comments to a police dispatcher, regarding the young woman and her friends is truly disturbing.

Warning: This video contains strong language.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, Shane Darrington/YouTube / Photo credit: Nathaniel Hevelone/Flickr

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