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Cop Who Arrested And Tasered Elderly Man Over Expired Sticker Gets Some Surprising News (Video)

Officer Nathanial Robinson is under investigation for possibly using excessive force on Pete Vasquez, 76, during a stop in Victoria, Texas.

Officer Robinson saw an expired inspection sticker on the car that Vasquez was driving. Officer Robinson pulled the senior over while he was driving the car back to a dealership where he does mechanic work.

Vasquez told Officer Robinson there were dealer tags on the back of the car, making it exempt from inspection stickers, noted

However, Officer Robinson's police car dashboard camera video (below) shows him arresting Vasquez for the expired sticker. The two men drift out of the frame, but Officer Robinson is seen holding a Taser.

According to the Victoria Police Department, Officer Robinson used his Taser on Vasquez twice.

Vasquez was handcuffed, placed in the police car and taken to a local hospital. Vasquez was later released from the hospital and was not charged with any crimes.

"I told the officer, 'What in the hell are you doing? This gentleman is 76 years old,'" Larry Urich, a sales manager at the car lot, told the Victoria Advocate. "The cop told me to stand back, but I didn't shut up. I told him he was a g-------- Nazi Stormtrooper."

"I feel like my rights were violated," said Vasquez. "The police department is supposed to train their police officers to be more conscientious and use common sense. I don't think he had any."

Victoria Police Chief J.J. Craig apologized to Vasquez for the incident.

"He didn't want me to think that all policemen are like that," added Vasquez. "I said he's got a lot to do to prove to me that."

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