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This Cop Was Speeding Down The Road When Suddenly - Boom (Video)

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Shocking video showed a Michigan police officer hitting a woman who was attempting to cross the street (video below).

In a dashcam clip of the incident, former Berrien County, Michigan, officer Eugene Anderson can be seen speeding down the road and hitting a woman who was walking across the street.

Anderson then frantically calls in the incident.

"I think I hit a person," he says.

Anderson was en route to a domestic call at the time of the incident, according to MLive. He was driving 30 miles an hour above the speed limit of 35. The woman, 48-year-old Kimberly Bedford, was killed instantly. 

It was later found that Anderson, a seven-year veteran with the Benton Township Police Department, did not activate his lights or siren before speeding down the road — which would have exempted him from the speed limits.

"Absent the siren and emergency lights, the driver of an emergency vehicle is then bound by the speed laws as any motorist would be," the prosecutor with the case said in a news release.

The incident, which occurred on September 20, 2015, resulted in Anderson's termination form the department. He was convicted of operating a motor vehicle causing death, and is scheduled to be sentenced on Feb. 19.

Watch the terrifying incident below.

Sources: MLive, YouTube / Photo credit: MLive

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