Cop Uses Taser On Elderly Woman For Not Removing Her Earrings (Video)


A 60-year-old woman, Nancy Mason, has filed a $1.75 million lawsuit because Sergeant Rodney Terrell used his Taser on her, causing her to fall and fracture her right wrist on March 21, 2015, in the Hamilton County Jail in Tennessee (video below).

“Whenever there's a constitutional wrong done to one person, it's going to be done to everybody, so someone needs to step in to help," Robin Flores, Mason's lawyer, told WRCB.

Flores said that the senior's First, Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights had been violated, and that she has suffered mental anguish, emotional distress and physical injuries which require care.

"We're not justifying her misconduct that got her into custody, but this woman has no other way to have her injuries fully addressed medically without some kind of relief,” Flores added.

Mason refused to remove her earrings while being booked at the jail for theft, which is normal procedure. Terrell subsequently used the stun gun on Mason, and she fell.

Mason stated, "You broke my arm."  Terrell replied, "I didn't break your arm, you broke it," News Channel 9 reports.

Terrell got a written reprimand from the Hamilton County sheriff after an internal investigation found that the Taser use was inappropriate.

Flores filed Mason's suit against the City of Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Terrell and other law enforcement officers, who allegedly covered up for the incident with misleading statements.

Mason did plead guilty to the theft charge, but Flores says that doesn't justify the use of a Taser.

The Hamilton County Sheriff said in a statement: "[A]s this is now a legal matter in the courts, I do not wish to comment at this time."

Sources: WRCB, News Channel 9 / Photo Credit: WRCB via YouTube

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