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Cop Used Taser on Kneeling Teen Suspect Who Surrendered (Video)

Sgt. Vincent Igoe was allegedly caught on a dashcam video firing his Taser at a 16-year-old suspect who surrendered last weekend, but the Albany County Sheriff's Department in New York has yet to release the video.

Kelijah Fink reportedly led police on a car chase at 3:30 a.m. last Saturday, which Sgt. Igoe joined with other officers.

Fink's car eventually slid off the road and came to a stop. According to Albany police officials, Fink wouldn't get out of the car.

The Times Union reports that Sgt. Igoe allegedly approached the teen's vehicle, fired his Taser through a broken car window, but missed Fink.

The teen then got out of the car, dropped down on his knees and put his hands behind his head to surrender, however, Sgt. Igoe allegedly still shot his Taser at Fink who was temporarily paralyzed from the shock.

Sgt. Igoe's lawyer, Stephen G. DeNigris, who has not seen the police dashcam video of the incident, told CBS 6 Albany that the tasing was justified because Fink wasn't on his stomach (video below).

"[The police officers] said, 'Get on your stomach,' he wouldn't get on his stomach... They had not searched him, this person was physically bigger than most of the officers on the scene and when he didn't comply with those demands, Sgt. Igoe, in accordance with policy, went up one step on the use of force continuum and used the Taser to bring him down and it was text-book perfect," claimed DeNigri.

"The Taser was deployed appropriately under the guidelines… The suspect went down, they were able to take him into custody without any further injury or the need for any medical assistance," added DeNigris.

DeNigris then tried to dismiss the video of the incident, which he has not viewed.

"I've spoken to officers who were on the scene and who have seen the video and it has been indicated to me it's a very narrow perspective, it doesn't show completely what is going on at the scene," stated DeNigris.

Fink was charged with multiple crimes, while Sgt. Igoe has been suspended without pay and may be fired.

Sgt. Igoe reportedly shot and killed an undocumented immigrant, Marcus Dejesus Alvarez, four years ago, but was not prosecuted because a grand jury found that the shooting was justified.

Sources: CBS 6 Albany, Times Union (Image Credit: jasonesbain)


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